December Limited ★ Sunday to Thurs Only! All-you-can-eat 3 hours 3,500 yen

December Limited ★ Sunday to Thurs Only! All-you-can-eat 3 hours 3,500 yen

3500 yen

December limited ※ You can choose + 500 yen on reservation required the day before.

Japanese creative order buffet which can be enjoyed in calm space and private room.Members not only, everyone is now to enjoy! As a member will also be in when you pay in coupons ※ The options menu to choose yen per person +500 at the day before reservation is needed.


Options menu ★★★ to choose at ★★★ the day before reservation is needed

※ 1 person + 500 yen, you can choose only one of your favorite options among 1 ~ 5.

[1] sashimi Sheng

【2】 Beef Steak (Ichibo)

【3】 Pot of choice (green onion pork, octopus, oyster miso sauce, sukiyaki pans)

【4】 Premium Malt's all you can drink

【5】 Grilled Salt-grilled

【6】 Crab Assortment

★ Including 20 kinds of sushi, 200 kinds of all-you-can-eat 120 minutes !!

[For now]

Edamame / pickled thrice served / Okra takowabo / Fugu skin ponzu / Kimchi cold / small sardine namba

Moromi and cucumber / cream cheese chanja / avocado and fresh fish soy sauce / broiled carpaccio

And Tata Ki / Hiroshima Gansu Tian


Cow Pastrami and Quinoa's Black Vinegar Dressing / Pork Shabu and Colored Vegetable Ginger Dressing

Mizuna and radish noodles salad Japanese style / potato salad mentaiko sauce / raw ham and mozzarella cheese salad basil dressing

Carous warm egg Caesar salad / seafood salad wasabi creamy dressing


Raw ham, Tomato Carpaccio Tailor / Avocado and Fresh Fish Wasabi Soy Sauce / Steamed Sauce

Five kinds of Wiener / Salt-grilled ayaki / Yakuma Yuani Yaki / Tomatsuri Fried / boiled dumpling

Deep-fried clay / hamburger grated ozonishi ponzu / young chicken steak with onion sauce

Fried Takoyaki Hiroshima Source / Teppan Potay Mayo Cheese / Shirayu Soup Gyoza

【Fried food】

Nunchoku fried chicken / baked poultry loaf / oysterfly tartar / chicken fried chicken fried basil

Fried potato / one piece of Confucius Tenchu-ena / potato cheese tomato sauce

Fried octopus fried / pumpkin Tenjinura / pig skewer cut (3)

[Hot stuff]

Seafood trimmi / mentaiko and cheese tortilla pizza / sweet potato honey butter sauce

Hiroshima greens champagne / salmon chashike / plum tea pickles / yakitori mini-rice / chicken salt ramen

【Rice and sushi】

The sushi (salmon / shrimp / tuna / yellowtail / cuttlefish / beef shell / omelette / bonito / deer mackerel / horse mackerel / snapper / enghwa / roast beef / roasted sowala / confocal / eel / sea urchin / scallops / boiled egg / hockey shell / red fish / Raw ham)

Warship (Hiroshima Nana / Ikura Shima)


Ice (vanilla green tea, chocolate, strawberry) / orange sherbet / citron sherbet

White chocolate cake / tea cake / rare cheesecake / custard vanilla

Tea Chiffon Cake / Coconut Mousse Cake / Chocolate Banana Cake